Author Topic: Tips of Sex Positions For Female Orgasm Recommend By las vegas escorts  (Read 6485 times)


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Ankles Up

Both men and women love the basic missionary sex position. However, this position does not allow for direct stimulation of the clitoris and the G-Spot. But this position has a sexy twist. You rest ankles on the shoulders of the man to get longer strokes. Pressure is also added to enhance clitoris and G-spot massage. To keep legs up with ease, use position enhances.

Doggy Style

This is a great sex position for both males and females. It leads to greater female orgasm due to deep penetration as well as clitoris stimulation. With this position, the penetration angle is controlled by lowering or raising the butt. Extra stimulation can be achieved by having the man play with breasts while penetrating.

These positions make sex with experienced women or Vegas escorts more enjoyable. What’s more, they lead to faster and better female orgasm.

Safe sex is always necessary for men and las vegas escorts also. Find out here some best techniques of safe sex and brilliant fun.

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